The Old Farm Inn -Totternhoe

Bars at The Old Farm Inn

We serve from our front and rear bar real ales, draught lagers, bottled beers and a range of popular wines and spirits to enjoy while you spend time with friends at this traditional old English pub in the village of Totternhoe, Bedfordshire.....

Draught Beers

At The Old Farm Inn we have a selection of popular real ales, draught lagers, Guinness and cider.......

  • ESB ABV: 5.5%
  • London Pride ABV: 4.1%
  • Various guest Ales
  • Seafarers ABV: 3.6%
  • Symonds ABV: 5.2%
  • Becks Vier ABV: 4.0%
  • Stella Artois ABV: 5.2%
  • Carlesbourg ABV: 3.8%
  • Guinness ABV: 4.2%

Whatever your choice enjoy your Beer!



Beer, and bitter in particular, is a way of life in Britain and there are few images more quintessentially British than enjoying a delicious pint in a traditional pub. Beer has been around for centuries, and had almost certainly arrived in Britain by the Neolithic period.


Customer comments

Your comments on the quality of the beers served at the Farm Inn are very important to us and we appreciate whether you have praise or criticism that you let us know during your visit to the pub.