The Old Farm Inn -Totternhoe

Fun Charity Quiz -Wednesday's

We advertise the quiz to start at 8.30pm but usually it is closer to 8.45 before quizzers have ordered their drinks and sat down, so please bare with us. After the first 30 questions answer sheets are exchanged between teams and then the quizmaster reads out the answers followed by a sandwich break for about 10-15 minutes...yum!.....and then the last 20 questions are read out, answers given and prizes awarded finishing between 10.30 - 10.45pm. Local charities are supported with proceeds.

Quiz Night 8.30 in the rear bar!

As we have a complete cross section of ages amongst the quizzers the quizmaster tries to strike a happy balance on the level and era of questions. Usually there are 4 rounds where you as a team are able to play a joker, thus doubling up your points on that particular round, the quiz does not follow a set format of rounds each week, often it will include a music round. >>>Christmas Bingo Quiz Sun 20th 8.00pm

  • 50 Fun questions + Tabletop round
  • Degree of difficulty -Middle
  • Sandwich break 'Anagram'
  • Prize for 1st and 2nd team!

The quizmaster is happy to take a break from setting a quiz, so if anyone would like to set a quiz themselves you are welcome to, along the lines of the above, you can also include a 'connections round' which is very popular or even a 'live music round' just let the quizmaster know when and if you would like to challenge the quiz teams!

Example General Knowledge round


Do you know the answers?

1 Which film star is the father of Lily-Rose Melody whose mother is Vanessa Paradis?

2.Abuja is the capital of which African country?

3.In Star Trek, which character was played by James Doohan?

4.What stands between Piccadilly and Regent Street on a Monopoly board?

5.With which song do you associate the lyrics "I'm Careless never gonna dance again, guilty feet that have no Whisper rhythm"?

6.Which bingo number is sometimes called a famous street in Manhattan and Winnie The Poo"?

7.Which "E" is Mexican fried, stuffed pancakes, cooked with a chilli flavoured sauce?

8.Which is the most easterly of the tourist destination Canary Islands?

9.Which television chef has a photograph of Ernie Bilko played by Phil Silvers, in his home kitchen?

10.What is the world's largest breed of terrier?